* * * All pets are required to bring in or email in documentation of their current vaccine records. They MUST have at least DHPP and RABIES vaccines up to date BEFORE their appointment. This means that they must have had these vaccines at least one week prior to their appointment day. We want to make sure that all employees and pets in our care stay happy and healthy. THANK YOU!




This includes a thorough brushing, Hydro-Surge bath (with a double rinse), complete drying ear cleaning and nail trim.



THE WORKS (Complete Grooming)


This includes a thorough brushing, Hydro-Surge bath (with a double rinse), complete drying and nail trim. PLUS, we clean the eyes and ears and pluck the ears out if needed. Then, we provide a professional haircut for your pet however you like it. You can request anything from a standard breed cut, to a short summer/puppy cut, to anything in between. Even a mohawk from your furry friend's head down to the tail! (It HAS been done) 




Please take a look at our Facebook page to see some of the "Before and After" pictures and peruse our "Random Pictures" photo albums. You may see your pet there or a pet that gives you an idea of how you may want your own pet to look.




 A La Carte Services

  • Nail Trim 
  • Brush Teeth
  • De-Matting
  • De-Shedding
  • De-Flea Treatment
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Conditioning Skin Treatment


  • Hair Color 




* Other A La Carte services are available. Please call for services and prices.


*** All prices are starting/base prices and subject to change due to breed, temperament and current condition of the coat. This is due to the time and skill it will take to professionally and properly groom your pet with as much TLC and as little stress to your pet as possible. Quotes can be given over the phone but, a hands on evaluation may be necessary to best assess your pet's needs.



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